About us

About us

It all started in the spring of 2014, when Soap Factory founder Marieta Bostandjieva was looking for a soap for her sensitive skin and natural cosmetics for her children. The tolerance of mass cosmetics for face and body is completely exhausted due to constant irritation, redness and serious skin and health problems.

She transformed a small solar laboratory into a soap workshop where she tested traditional formulas and natural ingredients. She collected herbs, makes extracts in strange glass jars, mixes miracle oils for days and nights until she finds the desired result. Extensive knowledge of chemistry and education in the field of medicine also help. Following her senses and long-standing traditions, she soon created his first true 100% natural soap, and shortly thereafter the first natural shampoo.

The next two years go through continuous research, trials and experiments to create a portfolio of 24 quality 100% natural cosmetic products ready to meet the challenges of the market and the high demands of customers.

In 2016, Marietta registered a company with the name of her favorite soap workshop. The dedication, the drive and the deep knowledge of the manufacturing processes are not enough to start a real business. For this, only a little later, Boris Borisov, a friend, strategist and professional in trade and business development, joins her. The two have known each other for years and complement each other perfectly, and trust is at the heart of successful cooperation.

Years of rapid growth and commercial development follow. The constant pursuit of product and packing improvement, service and customer service are noticed by customers and results are available. Confidence that they are on the right track, too.

Today’s Soap Factory offers a diverse portfolio of 100% natural products in all areas of body, face and hair care. The products are sold in several countries around the world, but the recipe for success remains the same – pure, healthy and quality natural care for the body and senses. No compromise on quality!

Our Mission

Educate consumers about the benefits of natural cosmetics and the advantages of using it!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to use only natural vegetable oils and ingredients. We draw our inspiration from the millennial knowledge of plants around the world and the good traditions of the “Botanical Pharmacy” to meet the needs for health and beauty.

100% natural products

100% Natural: We use only natural ingredients like Magnesium Hydroxide, extracted from Dead Sea minerals.


Soap Factory

Our history

2014 – We started with the first attempts

2015 – Our first products were ready for us to test

2016 – We started the company, we started the online sales, for the first time we reached our customers through our first partner shops.

2017 – We started exporting outside Bulgaria.


First Batch

The beginning



Research & Development

We began to boldly seek the views of loved ones

01January 2017


We started exporting outside Bulgaria